A.A.V.V., Inventario Iconoclasta de la Insurrección Chilena, 2021

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The Iconoclastic Inventory of the Chilean Insurrection is a project, a platform, an exercise laboratory and a dynamic archive based on images of monuments intervened upon, modified, demolished and erected, between October 2019 and the present day, in the territory comprised by the State of Chile.

All the images in the Inventory were found on social media.
The Inventory does not preserve authorship data and aims to reflect on the ownership and circulation of images as a common and collective good.
The Inventory is dynamic and continues to take stock every day.
The Inventory can be used by everyone.
The Inventory defends the right to inventory, in other words, to protect our memory.
The Inventory has no authorship.






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Dimensions 30 × 22 × 1 cm

Author(s): A.A.V.V.

Publisher: Sed Editorial

Edition: 1ª

Year: 2021

Circulation: 300

Place of production: Argentina

Language: Spanish

Binding: Canoe without staples and folder

Pages: 128

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