Timothy Morton, IPEROGGETTI, 2018

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By the term «hyperobjects» Timothy Morton designates entities of such a spatial and temporal dimension as to break our very idea of what an «object» is. The most dramatic example is undoubtedly global warming, which in turn forces the human being to become aware that «there is no outside» and that our existence takes place in fact within a continuous series of hyperobjects.«Viscous» and «non-local», hyperobjects cling to our lives, dragging us into a dimension that is both strange and disturbing: understanding how they work, is for Morton the first, necessary step to admit that the end of the world has already happened, and that it can no longer be the fetishism for the nature of the old «folk» environmentalism to provide the appropriate tools to that co-existence between human and non-human imposed by the Anthropocene.

Ranging from Martin Heidegger to My Bloody Valentine, from Immanuel Kant to Wolves In The Throne Room, from Alphonso Lingis to John Cage, with Hyperobjects Morton signs one of the pivotal texts of the so-called Object Oriented Ontology or OOO (one of the most influential contemporary philosophical currents) and bequeathes us a fascinating, moved jewel of «poetic realism» on our relationship with the planet in the midst of ecological catastrophe.

Timothy Morton, a professor at Rice University, has written some of the most important essays of the current philosophical-ecological landscape, including Ecology Without Nature and Humankind: Solidarity with Non-human People, soon to be published by NERO.

Timothy Morton – Iperoggetti
Nero Editions
Collana Not
Translation: Vincenzo Santarcangelo
280 pages

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