Rvm Magazine, THE WHITE ISSUE, 2018

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“Four months after the return of Rvm Magazine with the “RedoIssue – the photography magazine and other narratives”, we presents the White Issue – second issue, entirely dedicated to white.
The color is the leitmotif of the magazine and the object of study of the issue, through which the editorial office carries on the work of mixing documentary photography and other expressive forms, starting from the cover artwork created by Sunday Büro, a graphic studio with which our collaboration continues. In the magazine/book you will find, together with five Projects, four new stories and a spoken word, texts inspired by the work of photographers, from which writers start and then take on their own independence and authorship.” – Rvm Magazine

Rvm Magazine – The White Issue, n.2


23 x 30 cm
160 pages, 20 stories (14 x 30 cm), softcover
Italian, English

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