Gabriele Rossi, Itaca, 2017

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Itaca is the first book by Italian photographer Gabriele Rossi. Together with the artist, Yard Press chose to set a volume based on the possibility to remix all the author’s pictures into another kind of classification. That’s why each picture goes beyond the idea of landscape as document, becoming the result of an experience. Inside this atlas we can find new visual resonances that don’t depend on the geographical data, but exist because photography has become a gesture, sacred and repeated, always looking for beauty and harmony regardless the environment’s portrayed portion.

Gabriele Rossi, Itaca

Yard Press, 2017

Design by Giandomenico Carpentieri
Photo editing by Achille Filipponi
Testo by Roberta Agnese
16 x 25 cm
204 pages, uncoated paper 80gr

Soft cover, Offset

Italian, English

Limited edition 300 copies

First edition 2017