Cecile Poimboef-Koizumi & Stephen Ellcock, Jeux de Mains, 2021

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There are many artists who have tried their hand at representing the universal symbol of creation: the hand. Many have even chosen the hand as a recurring model in their artistic production. This observation has inspired the publisher and founder of Chose Commune, Cécile Poimboeuf-Koizumi, to collect in a book, in no particular order, the works that have most captured her attention. The selection was made in collaboration with Stephen Ellcock, collector and ‘choreographer of images’ who in recent years has distinguished himself for having created one of the most popular profiles dedicated to art on social networks. From Pablo Picasso to Helena Almeida, Louise Bourgeois to Alberto Giacometti, John Baldessari to Francesca Woodman, and encompassing a multitude of treasures from antiquity to popular image documents, Jeux de mains compares and mixes famous, emerging and anonymous artists from a wide range of practices. The result is a collection of over one hundred expertly selected images.

Cecile Poimboef-Koizumi & Stephen Ellcock, Jeux de Mains

Chose Commune, 2021

First edition

12,5×16,5 cm

360 pages

107 colored and b/w pictures


English / French

ISBN 9791096383207

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