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Simon Boudvin, La troisième calamité, 2017

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Simon Boudvin’s work around grids took the form of photographs but also of drawings and texts. These creations highlight singular patterns made from identical graphic elements but variously assembled: basic geometric elements such as the rectangle, the rhombus and the circle.

Previous works by Simon Boudvin also testify to the intersection between art and architecture and a practice open to a multitude of mediums (photography, drawing, sculpture and texts), and materials (plaster, glass, natural materials, concrete, wood , iron …) The techniques, supports and social and cultural evolutions of architecture are addressed in the sculptural realization Tables 04 (Egleton) , dating from 2014, a set of concrete tables and benches cast in the earth, or in Ailanthus Altissima , a photographic and cartographic inventory in progress since 2011, of wild plants growing in the district where Simon Boudvin lives.

La troisième calamitè, Simon Boudvin

Collection SHOWCASE, 2017

20 pages

21 x 14,5 cm


ISBN 9791093306025