Lauren Huret & Pacôme Thiellement, L’âge des techniciens, 2017

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Lauren Huret works closely on systems of beliefs linked to machines. For her, nothing is clear in this world: there is the mystery of growth, the unintelligibility of communication mediums, the cult of information, the secret of dynamic flows. As for him, Pacôme Thiellement writes essays that he considers as popular culture hermeneutics. He works on topics as varied as David Lynch, Frank Zappa et mysticism. For him, popular productions like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Twin Peaks are perfect points of entry to analyse the tendencies at play in our occidental societies.
For this common project, the authors investigate the different types of domination citizens have been submitted to since medieval times, in order to articulate a reflection on what they call “the age of technicians”, which would be the next form of alienation to come.
The book comprises collages by artist Lauren Huret and a bilingual essay (Fr/En) by Pacôme Thiellement.

Lauren Huret & Pacôme Thiellement, L’âge des techniciens

Clinamen, 2017

14,4 x 31 cm

74 pages

French, English

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