Cesare Leonardi, Franca Stagi, L’ARCHITETTURA DEGLI ALBERI, 2018

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The drawings of the book L’Architettura degli Alberi by Cesare Leonardi and Franca Stagi represent an unsurpassed tool for the design of green.

Fruit of a study lasted over twenty years, the book contains the treatment of 212 arboreal species, drawn in scale 1:100, with and without foliage, accompanied by the diagrams of the projections of shadows during the hours of the day and during the seasons, tables of seasonal colour variation of the foliage and 393 descriptive sheets of each family (53), genus (128) and species (212), with 185 particular drawings of leaves, flowers and fruits.

A fundamental text – today again available in this renewed edition with a more up-to-date graphic layout, properly revised, correct and updated – aimed at professionals, architects, landscapers and designers, and anyone who suffers the irresistible charm of the wonderful world of trees.

Cesare Leonardi, Franca Stagi – L’Architettura degli Alberi
Lazy Dog

Texts by Laura Conti, Augusto Pirola and Franca Stagi
Introduction to the new edition by Andrea Cavani and Giulio Orsini
Original illustrations by Studio Leonardi-Stagi
Book design by Bunker

424 pages, 25,5 × 38 cm
over 550 illustrations