Jonathan Franzen, Le correzioni, 2014

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“You could feel it in the air: something terrible was about to happen”. Enid and Alfred Lambert drag their days by accumulating objects, memories, disappointments and frustrations of their marriage: one preys to the symptoms of a Parkinson’s that he prefers to ignore, the other with the desire, now to become a life purpose, to gather for a “Last” Christmas the three children raised according to the rules and values ​​of post-war America, careful to “correct” any deviation from the “right”. Gary, a bank manager, victim of a crippling depression and a childish wife; Chip who lost his job at the university for “sexual misconduct”; Denise, a successful chef with a private life, according to the Lambert canons, very questionable. The storm will sweep away many valuable things, but will return with more clear ones. A great novel that can be read in one breath, full of humor and humanity and at the same time harshly critical of contemporary society and its few, uncertain values. Impossible not to recognise that we are the Lamberts: in a moment of our life, in any place of the first world.

Jonathan Franzen, Le correzioni
Super ET, 2014
Translation by Silvia Pareschi
21 x 14 cm
608 pages
Flexible cover
First edition Supercoralli, 2001
ISBN 9788806219550