AAVV, Lezioni di Anarchia vol. 2, 2021

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In an era of progressive restriction of personal and social freedoms, in which in the name of the emergency of the day the freezing of political activity and the annihilation of all conviviality are required, anarchy is the only ment still able to design spaces of autonomy. Whether they are markets, squares, movements, software or simply bookstores: the only places that break the conformism of the times are those built on the rule of “neither obey nor command”. “Space and Anarchy”: recalling the urgency to protect (where they exist ), create (where they do not exist), multiply (in any case) the spaces for autonomous action within a world that is not anarchist. Renouncing naivety but also hope: because rebellion is an instinctive fact, while anarchy is a mere design issue.

AAVV, Lezioni di Anarchia vol. 2

Eleuthera Editrice / Emergenze publishing, 2021

Essays and in-depth by Antonio Brizioli, Carlo Milani, Raymond Lorenzo, Goffredo Fofi, Piergiorgio Giacchè, Agnese Trocchi, Stefano Boni

24 x 29 cm

192 pages



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