Yoan Mudry, Roxane Bovet e Lucas Cantori, Loops, 2017

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Occidental logic – drawing on Pascal’s lessons more than those of Heraclitus – has constructed for us a fundamentally linear and dissociative reality. Up is the opposite of down, and right or left has nothing to do with this relation. The line is Simplification, Classification, Dissociation and Separation. This dissociative logic, as much as it used to be representative of a time past, no longer roots in reality, be it natural, human or virtual reality. The line, which we thought existed, transforms in a series of infinite and intertwined loops. The idea of this book emerged while having a beer at Yoan Mudry’s studio space. This three part publication holds the intervention of palaeolithic chickens, the series Westworld, cryogenics, N. Katherine Hayles and Edgar Morin, in order to offer in a literary space the questions at stake in the work of Lausanne-based artist Yoan Mudry.

Yoan Mudry, Roxane Bovet & Lucas Cantori, Loops

Clinamen, 2017

11 x 17 cm

58 pages + 1 poster


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