Ed Templeton, Memories of the salt, 2016

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Ed Templeton first achieved fame as a professional skateboarder in the 1980s, but is now internationally recognized as a painter, designer and photographer as well. The subject of dozens of books and zines, Templeton creates all of the artwork for his skateboard company Toy Machine. In his contribution to our One Picture Book series, Templeton takes us along on a 5-day family roadtrip from Pismo Beach to San Francisco via Santa Cruz in March of 2016, photographing in black-and-white and color as “These beings and their myriad trips swirl around you whispering stories impossible to understand in the time weʼve been allotted.” The book comprises 16 reproductions, and features a signed original photograph at the front of each copy.

Ed Templeton, Memories of the salt

Nazraeli Press, 2016

First edition of 500 copies

13 x 18 cm

16 pages


16 duotone and four-color plates

1 original signed photograph


ISBN 978-1-59005-458-1

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