Noor Mohammad Khan, My Name is Noor Mohammad Khan, 2020

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It is hard to describe the magical stories Noor presents to us in this book about Afghanistan and Pakistan in the 70s and 80s, as well as what it means to really immerse yourself in a place far away from your home. The book speaks of so many incredible encounters that seem impossible today. Here the introduction that will give you an idea of the incredible life Noor had so far: “I used to play in the rock band The Sloths in the sixties in Los Angeles & the Velvet Underground in New York in the early seventies. I ran a kundalini yoga center outside of Los Angeles. I became muslim in Afghanistan in the seventies. I fell in love with a pathan courtesan and documented my tumultuous four year relationship with her and her family. I exported soviet military uniforms and other gear brought out of Afghanistan during the soviet Afghan war to sell in shops and gun shows for my business “dead red imports”. I drank tens of thousands of cups of tea and smoked thousands of joints with police, mujahideen and malangs (faqirs). I will tell you about some of the people i met and places i saw more then 20 years ago in those areas you may only know from the news headlines. Let me introduce you to the home of my heart”.


Fraglish Publishing, 2020

First edition of 130

Design/concept by Lukas Birk

 20 x 15 cm

240 pages


Digital print with handmade cover


ISBN 978-3-9502773-4-0