Federica Buglioni and Anna Resmini, Naturalisti in cucina, 2019

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Naturalisti in cucina. Vademecum per piccoli scienziati e buone forchette is the latest addition to the PiNO series, or Piccoli Naturalisti Osservatori, from the Topipittori publishing house, dedicated to the observation of what lives around us, to bring the pleasure of discovery and to the beauty of nature. The book, conceived and written by Federica Buglioni and illustrated by Anna Resmini, is a fascinating and engaging immersion in the natural world starting simply from the refrigerator and pantries of our homes. The basic principle is as simple as it is brilliant: nature is everywhere, and the place where you meet it most often, even without having to leave the house, is the kitchen. So just broaden your gaze, observe with the spirit of the naturalist, or rather of “an explorer of the natural world, capable of moving with curiosity, passion and fun” and with seriousness and depth, whatever surrounds us, to understand that food – our nourishment – is a window that is always open to the natural world.
A book-encyclopedia in ten chapters – for children – but that will also appeal to adults: a book to open whenever we need tit for an activity or a workshop to suggest in class or when we have a doubt about the difference between tuber and root. A book capable of bringing together science, history of evolution, food awareness, biodiversity, education, love for nature and of course cooking!
A hymn to the beauty of nature, an invitation to let our children be what they already are: scientists and naturalists, world explorers and Earth enthusiasts!

Federica Buglioni and Anna Resmini, Naturalisti in cucina

Topipittori, 2019

Text by Federica Buglioni

Illustrations by Anna Resmini

22 x 32 cm

47 pages


ISBN 9788833700182

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