Giorgio Agamben, NUDITÀ, 2009

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Giorgio Agamben has collected, as in Profanazioni, in a series of short essays the most current reasons of his research: from the party, unexpectedly put in relation to contemporary bulimia, to nudity, of which the hidden theological implications are investigated, from the problem of the glorious body of the blessed, who do not feed and do not make love, to that of idleness as a paradigm of human action.
The vanishing point towards which all these themes converge is politics, understood as a threshold in which theory and praxis, archaic and contemporary coincide without residue and in which can move only a writing that has burned all its identity cards and is, together, philosophy and literature, digression and philological card, treatise on metaphysics and a note of custom.

Giorgio Agamben – Nudità
Edizioni Nottetempo
Series: Figure
172 pages, 14 x 20 cm

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