Martina Zanin, Older than love, 2021

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Older Than Love is a multimedia work that starts from the artist’s personal relationship with his father, developing it through the metaphor of the hawk and its prey, and creating a parallel between animal and human aggression. The work deals with the theme of aggression and associated subthemes such as fear, anger, and love, emphasizing that an element of aggression is inherent in every bond of attachment.
The multimedia installation consists of photography, archival material, video and sound in order to manifest, through the solicitation of all the senses, the aggressiveness and ambivalence of relationships, and their perception. The work aims to focus on how seemingly normal behaviors can be interpreted negatively and, conversely, how negative behaviors can instead be normalized within relationships, prompting the user to reflect on the nature of aggression-whether it is an instinct or a learned behavior.
Evocative photographs and archival images overlap, creating parallels between the male figure and the raptor, and different levels of reading between past and present. The looped repeated video presents a tension-filled montage,
alternating between the point of view of a raptor and that of its prey, until it is captured. Finally, the audio is a collage of different recordings of a male voice repeating everyday phrases in an aggressive, cold and detached tone.




Martina Zanin, Older than love

Self-published, 2021

Texts Daniele De Luigi, Hind Mezaina and Martina Zanin

Design Melissa Pallini

20×25 cm

60 pages




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