Paul D'amato;Kelli Connell , Outs, 2021

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This publication includes work by more than 70 photographers. Each submitted a photograph which did not fit into any of their projects, but remained compelling for them nonetheless. ‘Outs’ creates a new context for these outliers, using an experimental way of binding, editing, and printing. With contributions by Ron Jude, Carolyn Drake, Geert Goiris, John Divola, Christian Patterson, Lise Sarfati, Alec Soth, Bryan Schutmaat, Mark Klett, Andres Gonzalez, Doug DuBois, Jim Goldberg, Susan Meiselas, Alex Prager, Brian Ulrich, Erik Kessels, Pieter Hugo, David Johnson, Jon Horvath, Ed Panar, and many others.

Paul D’amato;Kelli Connell 


Fw: Books, 2021

17 x 24 cm




ISBN 9789083165806

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