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Francesca Catastini, PETRUS, 2019

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Petrus reflects on a certain rhetoric of masculinity in Western culture. It is about the human drive to define ourselves and the world through a definite form. Form is never stable though. It is the ever-changing result of a neverending tension between forces pushing from within and pressures coming from without. Through a cynical, tender, and arbitrary analysis of what probably cannot be sliced and diced Francesca Catastini plays with archetypes and images considering the way they sculpt ourselves and shape our views. Looking for subtle discrepancies her images go beyond their figurative meaning in order to activate new analogies and connotations.

Francesca Catastini
Texts: Francesca Catastini, Veit Stratmann, Albrecht Wiegenlied (Alberto Nannini).
Design: Francesca Catastini, Kehrer Design
64 pages, 16,5 x 23 cm
ISBN 978-3-86828-952-72019