Guido Guidi , IN SARDEGNA, 2019

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These three volumes encompass the evolution of the photographer Guido Guidi.

Made in Sardinia on two separated trips by forty years, the book marks the historical shift and changes on the island and also the Guidi’s stylistic development.

The first trip was on his honeymoon in 1974, with a Nikon F he made a series of black and white photographs which reflect the social and political climate of Sardinia in the post-sixties era.
In 2011, the second trip involved 3 cameras – a Hasselblad, a Deardorff 8×10 and a digital Canon – and his well-known palette of tender colours.

Guido Guidi
MACK – MAN Museum, Nuoro, Sardinia
30 x 24 cm, 424 pages
3 volumes and a bilingual booklet, housed in a slipcase
english, italian
ISBN 978-1-912339-40-2

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