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Daniela Comani, Planet Earth: 21st Century, 2019

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The Planet Earth: 21st Century project originated from visual material collected through Apple Maps Flyover and Google Earth Virtual Reality, applications that allow people to fly over cities and move around buildings rendered three-dimensionally. Between 2015 and 2019, Daniela Comani flew through dozens of cities virtually, obtaining numerous images that she then turned into black and white postcards. This book collects the spoils of her virtual journey: 360 views of monuments, buildings and streets from around the world. Planet Earth: 21st Century reconstructs the geography of the world in the age of the Anthropocene and focuses on the interaction between human perception, urban landscapes and 21st century technology.

Daniela Comani, Planet Earth: 21st Century

Humboldt, 2019

Contributions Vera Tollmann

10 x 15 cm

768 pages

German, Italian, English

ISBN 9788899385729