Arslan Ogulcan, Put On My Geneva Armour (Deluxe Edition), 2023

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Ogulcan Arslan is a Turkish photographer, son of two migrant parents, primarily interested in discovering and questioning notions of otherness and borders; Arslan made the images over a five-year period when his partner was studying in Geneva. “Lake Geneva itself guided my choice of color,” he said. From an interview with the author: “when I see a huge armor inside a glass wall (inside the kunsthistorisches Museum in Geneva), I dreamed of wearing it every time, (…) I felt strong and safe. I was at peace and almost protected by the armor, I decided to name my project, a story within a story.”
The images are arranged in diptychs and triptychs, or layered; Put On My Geneva Armour analyzes his interests through multiple shades of blue and for the first time in a project focuses on his feelings.

Arslan Ogulcan, Put On My Geneva Armour (Edizione Deluxe)

Grani Edizioni, 2023

First edition of 100 copies including 15 deluxe copies with a photo printed on aluminum

Idea, design, production Valentino Barachini

with the collaboration of Antonio Cecchi

Text Arslan Ogulcan

31 x 23 cm

100 pages



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