Leonardo Caffo, Quattro Capanne, 2020

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What do a thinker-writer with a passion for nature and wandering, have in common with an enigmatic terrorist former professor of mathematics at Berkeley, a pioneering architect and a brilliant philosopher who have revolutionized the languages ​​and perspectives not only of their disciplines, but of the modern cognition of the world? Quattro capanne (Four huts). On the shores of a lake, in the deep woods or on a rocky bay, four essential and archetypal residences through which a life returns to being a form of life among others, trees, earth, water and animals, and man approaches a simplicity that goes by subtracting the essence of things. Living in a hut – whether it is Thoreau, Theodore “Unabomber” Kaczynski, Le Corbusier or Wittgenstein – is a radical and outdated gesture (with sometimes dramatic results) that eliminates the “epiphenomena that cover all that is natural in being in world ”and reconstructs around itself time, perception, experience, thought – re-establishing the wonder of adherence to reality, which for Caffo is the true and ultimate philosophical thaumazein.

Leonardo Caffo, Quattro capanne
Nottetempo, 2020

Graphics and cover by Dario Zannier
14 x 20 cm
256 pages



ISBN 9788874528066