Jean-Marc Caimi, Valentina Piccinni, RHOME, 2018

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FUAM Dummy Book Award 2018, Istambul Photobook Festival

Valentina Piccinni and Jean-Marc Caimi went in search of their own vision of the metropolis – culminating in a forceful, cryptic and mysterious portrait of their adopted hometown. Having previously explored the Italian city of Naples for their photo book Forcella, Valentina Piccinni and Jean-Marc Caimi have now focused their attention on the country’s famous capital. Characterised by a neorealist approach the duo’s black and white images are imbued with an atmosphere that brings to mind the legendary films of Visconti and Fellini. Similar to the Neorealism that defined Italian cinema during the post-war era – a movement that focused on the desperate economic and social situation of the country’s inhabitants in the aftermath of World War II – Piccinni and Caimi capture the hidden microcosms of those living outside the mainstream in modern-day Rome.

Jean-Marc Caimi, Valentina Piccinni, RhOME

2019, First edition/500 copies

17,5 x 23 cm
148 pages, b/w photos, hard cover

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