Fyodor Telkov, Right to Believe, 2023

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Right to Believe by Fyodor Telkov, a Russian photographer, describes some religious communities of the Old Believers. Russian religious movement that opposed the choices of their country’s Orthodoxy by continuing to practice the ancient practices of the Russian Church prior to the reforms taking effect by never rejoining the official Orthodox Church. More than 80 photos show how strong and deep their right to believe in the ancient practices.




Fyodor Telkov, Right to believe

Grani edizioni, 2023

Edition of 100 numbered and signed copies of which 15 deluxe with hardcover and a UV printed and autographed photo on cotton paper.

Idea and project by Valentino Barachini

English translations by Massimiliano Barachini

Back cover illustration by Varvara Kim

28 x 30 cm

108 pages



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