Anders Petersen, Rome, 2014

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Anders Petersen is one of the most influential European photographers, since the publication of Café Lehmitz in the 1970s, with his intimate and direct images. This volume collects the photos of his three trips to Rome in 1984, in 2005 and finally in 2012. These three personal diaries merge with each other and the tensions and energies of two winters and a summer mix together, forming a single thirty-year story that spans most of the Swedish photographer’s career. And it is thanks to this large temporal portion, in such a limited geographical context, that we can consider the photos of Rome in this book as a privileged observation point on Petersen’s work, thus appreciating the coherence of an extremely cohesive body of work, both in the approach and in the realization.

Anders Petersen, Rome

Punctum, 2014

A cura di Marco Delogu con la collaborazione di Flavio Scollo

Testi di Marco Delogu

Traduzione di Sarah Ponting

Graphic design di Leonardo Magrelli & Nicola scavalli

Photo editing by Erhan Akbulut

20,5 x 29,5 cm

120 pagine

83 fotografie in tricromia

Copertina morbida con bandelle


ISBN 978-88-95410-21-0

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