Bianca Tschaikner, SAVARI, 2016

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The recent project of Austrian illustrator and printmaker Bianca Tschaikner is a journey in sketches through Iran and India. She traveled through Iran for one month, then moved on to India, and tells us about her first visit: “I wished to seek inspiration in its fascinating culture that goes back thousands of years, and at the same time explore a country that nowadays is regarded with much controversy and prejudice.” Although encountering difficulties along the way, she was fascinated by the mystery and beauty of the places discovered during her stay, sharing her experiences in a sketchbook. What is interesting is not only the change of perspective once interacting with people from other cultures, but also that those she met are now part of her illustrated book: “My book became everybody’s book. It went through so many hands, connected me with so many people, and this is one of the most beautiful memories I have about Iran.” There is even one illustration that says: “Go out and tell everyone how it really is in Iran.” This transition between reality, dream and memory, and so many stories brought together to highlight an idea that derives from an authentic experience and not from stereotypes, is what caught our attention. Enjoy a selection of Bianca’s fascinating travel story.


Self-published, 2016

first edition Bucher Verlag


20 x 29,5 cm

152 Pages

English / German

ISBN 978-3-99018-363-2

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