Giuseppe Andretta, SCARFÈS, 2019

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Scarfès is a photographic project by Giuseppe Andretta shooted from 2014 to 2017 in the city of Fès in Morocco. The images show a specific connotation of teenagers self-injuries in contemporary moroccan youth subculture called “tcharmil”.
The title “Scarfes” comes from the union of two other words “scar” and “Fès” whose phonetic association refers to the famous film “Scarface” played by Al Pacino, who became an idol of these guys.
The project focuses, however, not so much on the tcharmil culture but on the form of self-harm that almost all of them use as a kind of symbol of recognition or code of belonging. Unfortunately, this extreme form has spread by emulation even among very young people, becoming a real social plague.

Giuseppe Andretta
Photo Fanzine printed on 45gr/sm newspaper with roto-offset printing process
32 pages 31,5×44 cm
Italian, English