Lee Miller, Scatti di Guerra, 2009

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Catalog of the exhibition Scatti di guerra. Lee Miller e Tony Vaccaro. Dallo sbarco in Normandia a Berlino held in Rome at the Scuderie del Quirinale from 3 July to 30 August 2009. Edited and text by Marco Delogu and Umberto Gentiloni Silvero. With 79 black and white photos of Lee Miller and Tony Vaccaro (Michelantonio Celestino Onofrio Vaccaro) presented together for the first time: a year across occupied Europe and upset by the new ‘Hitlerian order’. Miller photographs the horror of concentration camps, Vaccaro arrives in liberated Berlin, suspended between war and post-war.

Lee Miller, Scatti di Guerra

Punctum, 2009

First edition

Curated by Marco Delogu and Umberto Gentiloni Silveri

Graphic design by Nicola Scavalli

20 x 22,5 cm

124 pages



ISBN 978-88-95410-34-0