Anna Laura Longo, Nuove rapide scosse retiniche, 2009

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Anna Laura Longo’s poetry always moves, with rare elegance, in the territories adjacent to the verbal-visual experimentation: it would be enough to recall the Plasma collection in which verses of singular expressive force and graphic interventions act synergistically not only in the text but right on the page, such as sewn and glued objects. In this collection, more attentive to the poetic aspect of the word, once again consonant with a certain Pascalian esprit de géométrie, the author feeds on different stimuli that become multiple (but not schizophrenic) perceptions of the world: it is a poem that, on page, words are felt but throw gazes, tactile sensations, spaces and times, sounds, colors. Anna Laura, therefore, cleanses the gaze from any falsifying legacy and tells how the eye observes and moves not in a fluid way but in jerks (the title of the volume alludes to saccadic movements), and these shots recall the quantum leaps of electrons.

Nuove rapide scosse retiniche

Anna Laura Longo, Joker, 2009

12 x 21 cm

53 pages, softcover


ISBN-13 978 88 7536 211 9