AAVV, Scenari 22, 2022

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Scenari is Linkiesta’s annual editorial project aimed at identifying scenarios and trends for the year to come thanks to articles, reports, analyses, infographics and illustrations on the economy, politics, fashion and society, touching on the issues most closely linked to global and local current affairs. Scenari is the result of an exclusive collaboration for Italy with the world’s leading daily newspaper, The New York Times.

It includes features articles, reports, analyses, photographs, info, graphics and illustrations on the future of the economy, the planet, artificial intelligence, politics, society, Italy, Europe, fashion, restaurants, sport and literature. It also includes the geopolitical agenda of 2022 and a substantial photographic section with a collection of the most significant photos of 2021, the most important issues of our time, and the almanac of the year’s data.

AAVV, Scenari 22

Editoriale Linkiesta, 2022

18 X 21,5 cm

232 pagine

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