Bruno Munari, Storie di tre uccellini, 2017

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Chiò, Chià and Chì are three yellow red and blue birds locked in a cage. How did they get in there? Bruno Munari tells us their stories, making us want to open all those cages and make them come out free and happy. Together with eight other texts, Storie di tre uccellini is part of the historic series of books from 1945 to which Bruno Munari dedicated himself after the birth of his son Alberto. Books made of dies, holes and large and elegant designs that invite you into a game of discoveries and research, leaving inside everyone the magic that paper can do. Almost entirely reprinted in 1997, this series aims to stimulate children’s curiosity by literally making them discover what lies behind something else, encouraging them to search with amazement. Many of these texts were inspired by games and rituals that the artist played with his son Alberto, and which he then chose to put on paper. To the delight of all children, and beyond.

Bruno Munari – Storie di tre uccellini

Corriani edizioni, 2017

24 x 32 cm

22 pages of different sizes, some die-cut

Plasticized cardboard cover, stapled binding


First edition in 2001

ISBN 9788875700454