Tereza Zelenkova, The Essential Solitude, 2021

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Czech artist Tereza Zelenkova works mainly in black-and-white photography to create series based on ephemeral and poetic relationships between images. Her interest lies in the mythologies surrounding particular places or people, blending facts and fiction, and scrutinising the limits of photographic representation. ‘The Essential Solitude’ shows an apartment where time has always had its way, an interior where corruption and decay mark its every surface. With death comes renewal; past, present and future co-exist together within the folds of decomposing upholstery, and life and its counterpart can no longer be perceived as contradictions, but only as an eternal cycle of things.

Tereza Zelenkova

The Essential Solitude

Void, 2021

24 x 32 cm




ISBN 978-618-5479-14-5