Camille Dumond, The filming not the film, 2020

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ENTRETIENS POUR UN FILM is a publication series focusing on one author in each issue. The series investigates artists and filmmakers in the field of moving image, and especially the places they chose to escape a particular world. Each issue revolves around the space one author chooses as kinship, and the way this space mirrors the author’s creativity. This first issue covers Derek Jarman’s home in Dungeness, UK. In 2014, a visit to Prospect Cottage, a house on the Kent coast, triggers questions around this healing space which is also a film set. Thoughts develop about starting over; links are slowly drawn between a garden and the movements of a film camera; attempts to unveil issues around escaping the public sphere and finding intimacy.

Camille Dumond,  The filming not the Film

Clinamen, 2020

12 x 18 cm

88 pages


French, English

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