Fabio Barile, Domingo Milella, THE SHAPE OF TIME, 2019

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The Shape of Time is a dialogue in images between Fabio Barile and Domingo Milella on the sense of time in photography. The publication collects the works exhibited by the two authors on the occasion of the exhibition at the Pescheria Visual Arts Center of Pesaro in the various installations of the Loggiato, the Church of Suffragio and the Sephardic Synagogue. The juxtaposition of their photographs let us into a backward journey, a descent into the unknown, into the human’s heart.

In a passage from the book that gives the title of the exhibition – The Shape of Time by George Kubler – Kubler writes that knowing the past is an equally astonishing undertaking as knowing the stars. Astronomers and historians deal with manifestations noted in the present but happened in the past. Fabio Barile and Domingo Milella have this in common: both collect ancient signs of events that took place even long before they appeared. Their images take us back to the bowels of the earth, from present time to deep time.

Fabio Barile, Domingo Milella – The Shape of Time
Fondazione Malaspina
Edit by Alessandro Dandini de Sylva
Design:  Filippo Nostri
24 pages, 25 x 33 cm
14 color photographs and 7 b/w photographs