Simone Donati, Varco Appennino, 2021

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Varco Appennino, by Italian photographer Simone Donati, is presented as an exploration of the hinterland of Italy’s southern Apennines, a mountain range at the center of interest of documentary photographers from the Terra Project collective founded in Italy in 2006. The result of a long research conducted from 2016 to 2020, the work is a dialogue with the “Vocabolario Appenninico” of the Irpinian poet and writer Franco Arminio, which takes shape from the phrase often repeated to the author by the inhabitants of the small villages he visited: “Here there is nothing! Why do you come here?”.

Simone Donati, Varco Appennino

Witty Books, 2021

I edition, 750 copies

Texts by Franco Arminio

Design and edit by Fiorenza Pinna


23×28 cm

108 pages, colour photographs

Italian / English

ISBN 979-12-80177-05-6