Richard Matheson, LEMMING, 2016

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The rigorous realism of Richard Matheson, one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century and the radical sign of Armin Greder come together in a surreal and suspenseful atmosphere.
Until the end of the world. In an overcrowded world, men like lemmings head for their inevitable good, under the eyes of two policemen who, as traffic operators in an ordinary day, direct the maneuvers for the end of humanity. No one protests, no one escapes, all, to the last, are equally foreseen for an apparently inexplicable choice. The two policemen, Carmack and Reordon witnessed with gloom at the dismal parade. What remains is a desert of cars that skirts the sea, becoming a chasm that envelops everything, everything encompasses and perhaps all healthy. They too have chosen. Is this dystopian and hyper-realistic prophecy at the same time, this end of ours, so impossible to imagine?

Richard Matheson
Illustration Armin Greder
32 coloured pages, 23 x 31 cm
printed in screen printing
ISBN 9788894105612