A.A.V.V., Vesper n.4 Exiles and Exoduses, 2021

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Two movements, perhaps antithetical, affect space. Individuals exclude themselves, exit (exilium, exsul, ex-solum), come out of their own land, withdraw into another circumstance, depose power from within, shun the power that holds back. Exile can be an individual choice, but it can also be a constraint that involves, cumulatively, a large number. At the same time, peoples, animals, and plants are in exodus, moving, fleeing, migrating, changing the design and the sense of territory and geographies.

Primavera-estate | Spring-Summer 2021
Testi in italiano e inglese
Dipartimento di Culture del progetto
Università Iuav di Venezia
pp. 216
205×290 mm
illustrazioni a colori

ISBN 9788822906359

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