Diego Arregui Desulovich, Visto, sognato, immaginato, 2021

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A series of reproductions of famous paintings purchased at the flea market in Cagliari, and a pad of carbon paper, represent all that Diego Arregui Desulovich needs to bring to life the dreams of the characters depicted in the paintings themselves. What do the paintings say to each other when the museum is empty? We can only imagine, but Diego gives us a glimpse into their dreams.



Diego Arregui Desulovich, Seen, Dreamed, Imagined

Oreri, 2021

Drawings by Diego Arregui Desulovich

Graphic design and printing by Luca Carboni

19×28 cm

32 pages

Soft cover, stapled binding, square spine


ISBN 979 12 80674 04 3

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