Gabriele Rossi, Xerotypes, 2020

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From Itaca, the images of which are taken with an view camera, Gabriele Rossi proceeds by subtracting the strictly photographic element. Just as places are emptied of association with a predetermined view, with a localization, so the photographs on display live a different life, they become matrixes of copies, they become xerox, Xerotypes. Their series montage presents them as modules of an indivisible juxtaposition because it contains within itself a further meaning, a journey that loses places (a process that has already begun in Itaca) to rediscover the similarities in the forms, in the rhythm of their agreement. and their interference. In his most recent work, The Lizard, the photographer deals with the American landscape and with a certain photographic but also literary vision of this reality, continuing his work through the dialogue of the view camera with the dry black and white of the photocopy.

Gabriele Rossi, Xerotypes

Selfpublished, 2020

21 x 29.5 cm

30 pages, xerox prints