Sophie Westerlind, Yes, I used to be a great dancer, 2022

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For NEUTRO Sophie Westerlind tells through drawing the memories that bind her to her two grandmothers and the moments she shared with them during her last stays in Sweden. A look into their intimate space, in which the things that surround them are telltale of their presence: Siv’s Nivea cream is still on her nightstand, Ingrid’s old dancing shoes. “When I imagine Ingrid and Siv inside their homes, surrounded by their personal belongings, I feel close to them. While drawing, I seem to recall and understand their gestures better”.

These six compositions become six attempts to tell their presence within their personal space. The space-time dimension is all their own, the resemblance was not important. The drawings had to tell something about the presence of Ingrid and Siv in their intimate space, but they are also a way for the artist to remember and understand these two figures, once maternal, whose gestures now seem almost childish.

Sophie Westerlind, Yes, I used to be a great dancer

Neutro, 2022

100 copies

7 drawing

21 x 30 cm

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