May 2023

Presentation Tuesday, May 16, 7 pm,

Artphilein publishing house presentation and focus on I had to shed my skin, by Matteo di Giovanni with the author and Vittoria Fragapane

Artphilein Editions edits and produces photographic and artist’s books, focusing mainly on topics related to human impact on the environment and travel, exploring remote landscapes and borderlands, and critically investigating current territorial transformations.
All Artphilein activities are supported by the De Pietri Artphilein Foundation: a nonprofit focused on the promotion of contemporary art.

Among their most recent publications are Scatti, by Marco D’Anna, Iarivo’ ny mavo, by Tolojanahary Ranaivosoa, Sinomocene, by Davide Monteleone, Looking for my Daughter, by Sonia Lenzi, Toros: the making of a territory, by Maurizio Montagna

I had to shed my skin

by Matteo Di Giovanni

What’s your homeland when you have no roots?
You were just born in a place you call home, but you have nothing to do with it.
It just doesn’t feel yours.
You can only be looking for traces.
You take bits and pieces from the places you’ve lived in – as well as from your memories – and try to make them work together.

Hours and Infos

Tuesday, May 16, presentation at 7 pm

Leporello, Via del Pigneto, 162/e – Roma