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July 2020

#Leporellowednesdaytakeover Wednesday July 7th,

Leporello and Ogulcan Arslan: book launch All the rivers flow in the nuthouse 4/5 others’ land

This book is a trip through the mind and everyday life of  “others’ land”: the land of adolescents with mental illnesses who live in state clinics in Turkey. The so-called “Children of the State”. The borderless and surreal language represents all the color and the inner monsters of that world, with a reckless and sometimes disturbing fantasy.

Photos and text by Ogulcan Arslan

Design by Origini edizioni & Leporello

Handcrafted by Origini edizioni

Ogulcan Arslan (1992) is a Turkish photographer. He proposes a new meaning to what is seen through the medium of image and is interested in questioning the notions of borders and otherness.

Origini edizioni a very small scale italian publishing house. They plan, produce and make limited editions of artist photo books. Their first book was born in 2012. Their main feature is the mix of photo and poetry, on the “red thread” of going back to the origins. Their books are handcrafted finished, sometimes using waste materials and old paper. Each product is numbered and signed: each one is a unique piece, different from the others.

Valentino Barachini (Pisa, 1963) is an Italian photographer. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, he devoted himself first to painting and then to graphics for art catalogs. Since the 90s, he has created prototypes of artist’s photobooks. In 2014 he founded Origini edizioni with the poet Matilde Vittoria Laricchia (Livorno, 1985) and together they put at the service of the publishing house, him knowledge upon image, design skills and craftsmanship; her literary knowledge, the search for new voices and poetic production.

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