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December 2019

From Wendesday 4th Dicember to Sunday 8th Dicember,

Leporello at Più Libri Più Liberi

The Photo/Book Cloud is a space devoted to photography and photobooks, part of  Più libri Più liberi, a fair for small and medium-sized publishers. Organized and produced by Cortona On The Move photography festival, in collaboration with Leporello photobooks et al..
This year, besides Marina Caneve’s exhibition, Are They Rocks or Clouds?, curated by Arianna Rinaldo, Leporello curates various books selections.

Through the mountain is a selection of books around devoted to the topic of the mountain, inspired for themes and methods, to Marina Caneve’s exhibition and to some issues about landscape raised by Osservatorio Cortina project.

On display:
Paolo Pellegrin, Alps, Forte di Bard, 2019
Helmut Völter, The Movement of Clouds around Mount Fuji Photographed and Filmed by Masanao Abe
Spector books, 2016
Ursula Schulz-Dornburg, The Land in Between, Mack, 2018
Klaus Merkel, Album of Stones, Lars Müller, 2005
P. De Pietri, P. Noordkamp, O. Barbieri, Terre in movimento, Quodlibet, 2018
Geert Goiris, World without us, Roma Publication 2019
Aleix Plademunt, Almost There, Mack, 2013
Raphaël Dallaporta, Chauvet Pont D’Arc, l’Inappropriable, Xavier Barral, 2016
Lena C. Emery, Yuka & The Forest, APE, 2018
Elton Gllava, Bulqizë, Postcart, 2018
M. Ferrari, E. Pasqual, A. Bagnato, A Moving Border. Alpine Cartographies of Climate Change,
Columbia University Press, 2018
Taco Hidde Bakker, The Photograph That Took the Place of a Mountain, Fw:Books, 2018
Beate Ermacora et al., The Forces behind the Form,  Snoeck, 2016
Alice Foxley, Distance & Engagement. Walking, Thinking and Making Landscape, Lars Müller, 2011
The Walking Mountain, Calamita/à, 2016
Thomas Struth, Nature and Politics, Mack, 2016

A place called home is a special corner devoted to the last Lorenzo Castore’s books and posters, the latters produced by LUCE, and connected to the fair’s main topic: Europe.

On display:

Ultimo Domicilio, L’Artiere Edizioni, 2015
Piotr & Ewa – si vis pacem, Editions Noir Sur Blanc, 2018
1994-2001: A beginning, L’Artiere Edizioni, 2019

Poster LUCE

Invito al viaggio, 2017, designed by Matteo Alessandri
Ultimo Domicilio, 2015, designed by Giandomenico Carpentieri

Good practices in the Italian publishing world is a special focus devoted to L’Artiere, a virtuous example of a great synergy between production and publishing: indeed a publisher born from the experience of an art books’ printing house, embarking on and promoting publications involving some of the most interesting photographers, designers and curators of the contemporary photography scene.

And also engaged in the fanzine world: the Zine Tonic Award, in collaboration with Grafiche dell’Artiere, is an open call at its third edition.

On display:

Martin Bogren, August Song, 2019
Carolle Bénitah, Jamais je ne t’oublierai, 2019
Michele Borzoni, Workforce, 2019
Felicia Murray, Edges of Time, 2019
Hitoshi Fugo, Blackout, 2018
Arko Datto, Will my Mannequin be home when I return?, 2018
Greg Miller, Unto Dust, 2018
Andrea Modica, January 1, 2018
Yuki Morita, Oblique Lines, 2017
Gary Green, After Morandi, 2016
Danilo Murru, What remains, 2016

Zine Tonic award:

Valentina Piccinni e Jean-Marc Caimi, The burning plain
Vincitori del Zine Tonic award 2019

Talks at the Photo/Book Cloud

Friday 6th, 6 pm
Lorenzo Castore
Presentation of his last publications, from Ultimo domicilio to 1994-2001. Booksigning. 
Saturday 7th, 5 pm
Osservatorio Cortina 2021
Presentation of the artistic reasearch project by Marina Caneve and Gianpaolo Arena.
Sunday  8, 12 am
“Are They Rocks or Clouds?” di Marina Caneve
Exhibition and photobook’s presentation with Marina Caneve. Booksigning. 

Sunday 8th December, 12 am
“Are They Rocks or Clouds?” By Marina Caneve
Presentation of the photo exhibition and the book with the author. Booksigning.

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