Cristina Latini, Floating, 2024

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Where floating memories surface.
Water gives back dimension to the forgotten, transparent and helplessbody, draws the boundary, sustains and blesses.
A path of reappropriation of one’s own bodily dimension, crossing the darkness of certain corners of the mind, where emptiness and self-forgetfulness lurk, where thought becomes slow, the gaze blurred and the body with all its pulsing, disappears. Nature accompanies, becomes a mirror, a cavern and a cradle, outlines dimension, draws grooves, bestows composure and belonging. The images take shape alterning  fullness and emptiness, like the rhythm of the wave, as well as of the breath, with a light succession of lightness and deep melancholy and with the words written in the air.

Floating, Cristina Latini

Grani edizioni, 2024

Photographs Cristina Latini

Idea and project by Valentino Barachini for Grani edizioni

Texts Cristina latini

Font Arno

Paper Syra avorio 85 gr Favini

29×39 cm

Italian and English

55 copies numbered and signed + 15 deluxe