Rafael Tanaka Monzò, ABEND DER WORTE, 2018

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The title means “evening of words”, the sunset of them, the end. A kind of silence, while thinking about the past: and hazy memories left behind, resurface. The short stories and poems inside also follow the flow of memory and are like flashbacks in an indefinite past: the poems of Paul Klee and the thought of Giordano Bruno, of which some extracts are found in the book. This photobook is fast like a zine but intimate like a diary. 

Rafael Tanaka Monzò, ABEND DER WORTE
Origini edizioni

2018, First edition/100 copies
Photos by Rafael Tanaka Monzò
Copywriting and texts byMatilde V. Laricchia
Project by Valentino Barachini
English translation by Massimiliano Barachini

21,5 x 31 cm
60 pages, 28 b/w ill., printed on an original light-blue lined paper of the 70’s and on a dirty white coated paper, softcover
English, Italian


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