Riccardo Fregoso, Adriatico, 2022

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Everyone knows of the existence of an Adriatic Sea – but is there such a thing as an “Adriatic light”? This might be a key query when we look at the shots made by Riccardo Fregoso, initially on the coasts of Abruzzo and Molise, then shifting the horizon northward towards the Marches and Puglia. Adriatico is undoubtedly a voyage, a movement through places, the description of a trajectory in points, actually with many comings and goings along the eastern shores of Italy. At the same time, it is a sort of viaticum that can lead into a super-temporal, peaceful and enveloping condition, in which it is easy to linger at length, setting up camp or even getting lost.


From Blinking Souvenirs, by Claudio Musso.

Riccardo Fregoso, Adriatico
Kerber Verlag, 2022
First edition of 700
Curated by Claudio Musso
Edited by Sara Occhipinti
Texts by Claudio Musso, Giulia Cavaliere
Design by Federico Barbon
21 x 15 cm
112 pages, 52 color photographs
English, Italian
ISBN 9783735608611

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