Antoine De Winter, BLINDFOLDED, 2024

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BLINDFOLDED is part of a larger project on which the author has been working for several years: ‘ANTROPOCENE’.
With these images, the author tries to represent the connection between the subject (the Rhone glacier) and the
reality of the Anthropocene. The glacier, in its rawest aspect, becomes the symbol of this historical period, so
Silvia Lazzaris’ writing, so dense and objective, takes the viewer from simple spectator of the photographic work, to
actor of this environmental disaster.
The book’s sequence transforms the vision of beautiful, distilled photographic images towards an awareness of the
environmental disaster in this historical period.
“Each step towards the glacier reveals its further deterioration as it cowered under the weight of a hundred
sheets” (De Winter).













Grani Edizioni, 2024

Foto Antoine De Winter

Testo Silvia Lazzaris e Antoine de Winter

Idea e Progetto Valentino Barachini per Grani edizioni
con la collaborazione di Antonio Cecchi
e Andrea Copetti per Tipibookshop

Oltre 50 foto in bn e colori

Formato chiuso 23×32 cm

100 copie firmate e numerate

15 copie contengono una foto stampata su vetro numerata e firmata

Stampato in Livorno aprile 2024

Prezzo trade edition 50 euro
Prezzo de luxe edition ( con foto stampata su alluminio) 70 euro
Prezzo special edition (con foto originale stampata su vetro) 100 euro

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