Matteo Natalucci e Luca Santini, BLUE, 2018

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The project aims to document the meat industry in Italy, starting from the reality of intensive farming where, in a very short time, animals that arrive on our table are born, grown and killed. Being a strong theme, the choice was to use a language that followed the same line, exploiting the use of flash, in the most ruthless and cruel way possible, restoring a raw and extremely saturated environment that would reach the viewer with impact. Shooting at night, sneaking into numerous intensive farms in Emilia Romagna thanks to the animal rights association Essere Animali that accompanied the photographers, the work wants to give voice to the deafening silence of millions of animals that every year are “swallowed” by this giant machine, by us operated.

The title Blue is the combination of the feeling blue mood and the most extreme degree of cooking of the meat.


Matteo Natalucci e Luca Santini, selfpublished, 2018
Testo di Wu Ming 2
Design di David Mozzetta and Massimo Mastrorillo (Door)

33,5 x 48 cm
40 pages, softcover


ISNB 979-12-200-6689-1