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With a peculiar anarchist eye Colin Ward, for over half a century, has looked at society and sought, in the interstices, in the cracks, in the spaces left free by the institutions, the expressions of popular resistance, the persistent supportive creativity, the alternative use of space and resources. Alternative use to hierarchical and bureaucratic models, to welfare and commodification. Community and tendentially egalitarian and libertarian use, in which his eye sees the seed of a real anarchy, an anarchy that is already – at least potentially – in “doing”, in the things that are done and in the way they are made. A “doing” that responds not to palingenetic dreams but to real needs for housing, work, play, consumption, transport.

David Goodway (Rugby, 1942) teaches modern and contemporary social and cultural history.

Colin Ward (1924-2010) was an architect, journalist, teacher, but above all one of the greatest anarchist thinkers of the second half of the twentieth century.


David Goodway, Conversazioni con Colin Ward
Elèuthera Editrice
168 pages, paperback