Saul Marcadent, Editoria come curatela, 2020

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A Magazine, Dutch, joe’s, Purple, Self Service, Six and Visionaire are some of the favored magazines for investigating the functioning of niche periodicals founded by groups of people who cultivate the collaborative dimension and experiment in the two-dimensional space of the page. Magazines intended as places of investigation, devices that stage the discourse of fashion and feed it through the languages of art direction, graphic design, photography and styling. Deeply connected to the nineties, they link the culture and the fashion system with artistic practices, manifesting the work of previously unknown authors. The opening visual essay reflects on the performativity of editorial objects and, like an exhibition on the page, brings together the work of six contemporary photographers: Benoît Béthume, Elizabeth Bick, Alan Chies, Paolo Di Lucente, Estelle Hanania and Dario Salamone.

Saul Marcadent, Editoria come curatela

Marsilio, 2020

Drafting of Elisabetta Righes

17cm x 24cm

ISBN: 978-88-297-0873-4